Perseverance Finds Organic Substances On Mars, Evidence Of Life? Not Necessarily

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After Curiosity found organic molecules on Mars, the Perseverance Rover also seems to have reached the same conclusion. NASA’s spacecraft has in fact examined organic chemicals containing carbon in rocks on the floor of the Jezero Mars crater.

This is not enough evidence to say that life existed on Mars, simply because these organic substances can be created by both biological means and not. It takes, therefore, numerous studies to confirm the origin of the discovery, so as to understand also what process has created these molecules.

“This is a question that may not be resolved until the samples are returned to Earth, but the conservation of organic substances is very exciting,” said Luther Beegle, of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in a well-known note. That’s right. The samples collected by Perseverance will return to Earth in 2030.

“When these samples are brought back to Earth, they will be a source of scientific research and discovery for many years,” Beegle added. The rover, in fact, has two very important objectives for the mission: to seek life signs on Mars and collect the material for the samples that will be returned on our planet.

In short, if the process behind the creation of these organic substances is natural or artificial, it is still all to be demonstrated, but surely an answer to the question will be established in the future.

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