Perseverance Made It: Securing The First Martian Rock Sample

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After a series of checks and tests, NASA finally managed to confirm what many people hoped for: the Rover Perseverance has successfully collected and preserved a sample of Martian rock, the first of many that will one day be analyzed on Earth.

The one that was performed last weekend was the second attempt to collect Martian material from the Rover Perseverance, and here you can read what caused the “failure” of the first attempt. But now everything is over, and the U.S. space agency has confirmed that the sample is safe and stored in the belly of the legendary rover.

As we told you a few days ago, the material was taken from a rock named “Rochette,” and selected mainly for its scientific interest and its structure strong enough to allow a real drilling.

The content taken from the Perseverance extensible arm has now been safely secured in a sort of special “test” consisting of a tightly sealed tungsten tube and which is stored in the belly of the rover. Perseverance can perform at least another forty collections, and will be preserved for a long time until the time comes to abandon them.

When the new joint missions between ESA and NASA are ready, the test pieces will be released at a precise point on the planet, allowing future “fetch” rover to collect them and send them to orbit through the first Martian “ascent” system (a sort of The project thus at the forefront takes the name of Mars Sample Return, and will be developed in the next decade.

Returning to the present, we remind you that one of the main tasks of the mission of Perseverance will be to investigate the presumed alien life (past and present) of the Red Planet, and the collection just happened is the first, fundamental piece.

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