Problems With Amazon Servers: Disservices For Disney+, Playstation Network And More

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Essentially three weeks after Google Cloud-related problems, the Web world is at the centre of another not exactly idyllic situation. In fact, some Amazon server-related disservices are causing problems to several rather popular services.

In particular, according to the reports of The Verge, as well as as the page dedicated to the status of Amazon Web Services, errors have occurred in the Italian evening of December 7, 2021 related to various AWS APIs. This is behaving several “grattacapi” even to Amazon itself.

Clearly, reports on portals like Downdetector are wasted. Disservice-hit services seem to be Disney+, but apparently PlayStation Network, Amazon Alexa, League of Legends and more would also be involved (although it is not quite clear whether they are separate or non-subsidised services). Some would say that “half the world of the Web” is encountering problems.

In any case, the disservices would start around 16:45 on December 7, 2021, although in Italy the real “picco” seems to have registered between 17:00 and 19:00 (at least according to the reports available on the Italian website of D It must be said that some services seem to be at the centre of “simply” slowing down and that problems do not seem to involve all users properly. In fact, the main problems seem to be related to the United States of America, but as you can see there are also reports related to our country, so we thought it appropriate to inform you about what is happening.

Amazon has confirmed to the microphones of The Verge that it is trying to resolve the situation. In short, if you have encountered problems with some popular service on the evening of December 7, 2021, you now know the probable reason. In any case, the situation seems to be in the process of being resolved.

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