Protein Identified That Would Help Fight Leukemia Better

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This is a period of intriguing discoveries in the world of medicine: after treating the promising molecule useful for regulating insulin-free blood glucose, it is time to talk about a little known protein potentially useful in the fight against leukemia.

It is specifically referred to acute myeloid leukaemia or LMA, aggressive cancer that now sees few targeted effective therapies to treat it. The potential lethality of this, which makes cells in the bone marrow malignant, makes it an enemy difficult to defeat. However, with the discovery of SCP4 protein involvement, there may be a new route to therapy.

SCP4 is a type of protein called phosphatase, ergo regulates cellular activity by subtracting phosphates to high proteins. In the case of LMA, cells would appear to need it and the kinase, i.e. the recovery of phosphates In short, blocking the production of SCP4 could kill cancer cells. One solution could be the production of new direct drugs, but this is still a case study at the beginning.

It is interesting to note how the former student Sofya Polyanskaya and Professor Christopher Vakoc, authors of the study, were surprised not only by this discovery, but also by the presence of only twelve articles in the scientific literature that mention SCP4 and This work underlines the importance of research to discover future therapies.

In December, however, the first injectable drug was finally approved to prevent HIV.

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