Qualcomm And Amd Look To Samsung To Reduce Dependence On Taiwan

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While the hit and response between Intel and Taiwan holds the market with its breath, with Pat Gelsinger ready to meet TSMC, other manufacturers are also close to a crossroads on the dependence on the king of semiconductors.

It seems that Qualcomm and AMD could be close to a critical choice, that of moving their commissions to South Korea and, to be precise, to Samsung. Moreover, despite the undoubted quality of TSMC’s technologies, we have learned in the past year how the almost total dependence of the market on a single producer has contributed to the current situation of semiconductor deficiency. A situation that, by the way, seems not to want to decrease, as we told you in our special on 2022 of video cards and consoles.

It is no coincidence that NVIDIA has managed to consolidate its presence on the market, albeit with some difficulty, thanks to the unexpected choice of contacting Samsung for the production of its chips with Ampere architecture, which animate the RTX 30 Series video cards.

According to Economic Daily, both producers are trying to move large quantities of their orders to Samsung’s foundries, in order to reduce their dependence on Taiwan, adding that the two companies would be, in some way, “bitter for

With its 2021 flagship, the Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm had already turned to Samsung for its 5 nanometer knot and also for the next top of the range the choice will be confirmed, with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Despite the rumored discontent about the performance shown on the new Samsung node at 4 nanometers, it is still not certain that Qualcomm wants and intends to move part of the production to other shores.

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