Qubit Transport: Entirely Progress For Quantum Computing

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AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) researchers have filed a transporter patent, but unlike what science fiction has taught us, it does not concern the… materialization of human beings.

The new patent, entitled: “Pre-deliverance teleportation for reliable calculation in multi-SIMD quantum processors,” is focused on the transport of Qubit, the equivalent of quantum bit calculation in classical computing. The aim of the company, on which the project is concerned, is to improve the performance of quantum calculation by reducing the amount of Qubit required for each computational operation.

In this regard, AMD has been based on a quantum architecture divided into processing regions, where Qubits are teleported to ensure a type of processing called “out of order”. This structure allows to ‘elvade’ the sequential dependence in the processing of individual Qubits, allowing simultaneous and independent computing. The patent also includes a look-ahead processor embedded in the architecture, which has the function of classifying data into inputs, linking them to the possibility of being executed in parallel. In this regard, the processor distributes the workload properly among the individual Qubits, using a quantum teleporting technique to direct them to the required computing.

Although Google claimed in 2019 that it had achieved quantum supremacy, there is still a long way to go before this branch of computer science becomes a regular and scalable calculation technique. For this very reason, and considering the instability of quantum states proportional to Qubit’s number, this patent could approach us to a large-scale spread of quantum mechanics based computer science.

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