Razer At Ces 2022: Project Sophia, The New Generation Gaming Desk Presented

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Razer has just announced its portable console, built in collaboration with Qualcomm, but this does not mean that the company has focused on it at CES 2022. On the contrary, in Las Vegas Razer announced an extremely diverse lineup of products, ranging from gaming to home automation, passing through smartwatch.

The first announcement of Razer at the CES was the modular gaming desk Project Sophia. The product, for now shown by the company as a concept, is a work plan that guarantees support for up to thirteen additional modules, which can be secondary screens, tools to constantly monitor your computer, a touchscreen with quick keys and many more Thanks to Project Sophia, therefore, each user can configure their own station as they prefer, while the ability to connect and disconnect modules quickly from the desk allows to modify it if necessary in case of different needs, such as streaming or recording

The most important feature of Project Sophia is that integrated into the desk there is a printed circuit board with CPU and GPU of the latest generation, respectively of Intel and NVIDIA. This module will be located below the worktop, so as to save space, and can be removed and updated in its hardware components in a few seconds, depending on the user’s needs. As always, finally, Project Sophia is equipped with RGB lighting.

Together with Project Sophia, Razer announced the Enki Pro HyperSense gaming chair, a chair designed to provide users with a high level of immersion thanks to a latest generation of aptic feedback unit developed by Razer and D-B Razer explained that Enki Pro HyperSense will support 2,000 games, movies and songs at the launch, including titles like F1 2021, Forza Horizon 5 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. In addition, thanks to Direct Input Haptics software, the chair can create aptic outputs even on unsupported video games, translating into vibration every command inserted by the user during the gaming session via keyboard or controller.

Moving on to the home automation field, Razer announced the Razer Smart Home app, a unique container for managing, controlling and customizing all its Razer Chroma RGB devices all over the house. Razer also presented the Chroma RGB Connected Devices program, which allows company partners, or companies that wish to become partners, to work on lighting solutions connected to Razer Smart Home.

Finally, Razer also presented the Razer X Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch, a smart watch created in collaboration with Fossil and based on the Fossil Gen 6 platform of the watch manufacturer. The smartwatch supports Google’s WearOS and promises 30% performance improvement over its predecessor, along with advanced features in terms of tracking user biometric data. Razer X Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch will be launched in January 2022 worldwide at the price of 329 Dollars, in a limited amount of only 1.337 copies.

However, we would remind you that not all products submitted to the ESC are put on the market, while the 2022 edition of the ESC will end up in advance because of concerns related to the pandemic by Covid-19.

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