Razer Gaming Finger Sleepes, Official Coverta For Mobile Gaming

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The smartphone gaming industry is expanding more and more, especially in Asia, and the leading brands in the industry do not want to miss the opportunity to offer innovative and, in some cases, very unusual products. These include Razer Gaming Finger Sleeps coverts for maximum performance in mobile gaming.

The US manufacturer states that these fabric fingers have a main function: to ensure better grip on the screen avoiding sweat and offering unprecedented comfort. The Razer Gaming Finger Sleepes are produced with a smooth and high sensitivity fabric in highly conductive silver fiber, maintaining the desired sensitivity for mobile gaming and reducing friction. The thickness is notable, to be precise it is 0.8mm.

The nylon and spandex finger covers are easily adapted to any finger and are hand washable and reusable. In short, they are the perfect solution to avoid oily spots on the screen and excessive sweating during gaming on smartphones. Obviously, this is an extremely specific product that will be particularly useful for mobile video game enthusiasts, especially at a competitive level.

As for the price, on the official website Razer are offered at 9.99 Dollars per single covert, with the possibility to add the Razer FGG Strap and the Razer Sneki Snek Plushie in one package.

Other products presented in 2021 also feature the Gaming Headset Razer Barracuda X and the ANC Razer Opus X wireless headphones.

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