Redmi 10, Where To Buy The Low Cost Smartphone “Unfindable”?

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If you follow the smartphone world assiduously, you will surely be aware that Xiaomi announced Redmi 10, a low cost device that features interesting features. For example, among these we find a 90 Hz refresh rate screen and a 50MP main photo sensor. All at a convenient price.

Too bad, however, that the product has only been seen abroad for the moment. In fact, the device does not even appear on the official website of the famous brand, while peeping on the Global portal of Xiaomi. In this context, there are not a few people who would like to know more about the possibility of putting their hands on the product, buying it from Italy.

However, online the product is almost “unfindable,” considering that its name, or “Redmi 10,” is very similar to “Redmi Note 10,” a device with which it should not be confused. In any case, in the main local online stores for the moment there is no trace of Redmi 10. Amazon is not located, as well as MediaWorld and Unieuro.

Yet, the Global variant is already starting to circulate. How did the first lucky users get home a device of this type at a low price? Simple: they went through the import. In this context, among the most suitable channels is the usual AliExpress, where the Global Redmi 10 variant is sold from € 189.14. Unfortunately, at the moment, you cannot aim for the other classic portal that fans of the smartphone world are used to use for imports, as Gearbest is currently inaccessible.

Anyway, if you want advice, it’s probably good to wait. In fact, we remember that the previous model, Redmi 9, is available on the official Italian portal of Xiaomi and can be found also on Amazon Italy. I mean, it’s probably just a matter of time before some retailers sell the product. In any case, if you are among those who want to have the device as soon as possible to prove it, you now know what the main possibilities are.

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