Remedies For Hangover? There Is No Scientific Evidence Of Their Functioning

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You may have spent many “good nights” during your life, but we must give you a news that will certainly upset you: all the hangover remedies you have used are most likely not supported by science.

A new review recently released in the magazine Addition, examined 21 studies on the “post hungover” by controlling a number of different compounds that are often used to relieve hangover. The authors concluded that all these studies were of very low quality and that the evidence provided cannot be considered solid. By the way, why are the hangover so terrible?

Of course, some of the compounds examined (such as extracts of cloves, red ginseng and pear juice) have shown improvements, but the authors claim that all the studies included in their review have been hampered by “methodological concerns and inaccuracies” and that none of

First of all, the reason for this statement is to be found in the limited number of participants who took part in these studies, whereas since none of these supposed treatments for hangover have been studied in more than one study, it is impossible to conduct any kind of meta-analysis.

Another important consideration is that in these past documents experts have not determined which alcohol was used, whether or not it was ingested on an empty stomach and how long it took before the drinking remedy was given. The famous “definative” remedy against hangover, therefore, may not be effective.

“The evidence on these remedies for hangover is of very low quality and it is necessary to provide a more rigorous evaluation. For now, the safest way to prevent the symptoms of hangover is to abstain from alcohol or drink in moderation,” said the author of the study, Dr. Emmert Roberts.

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