Revolution For Signal: The Co-Founder Of Whatsapp Is The New Ceo Of The Company

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When we talk about instant messaging services, three apps are mentioned most often: Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal. Often, the top of one has no good words for the other: for example, recently the founder of Signal criticized Telegram because of its privacy gaps.

What connects Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal is that all three apps are based on end-to-end encryption to ensure the privacy of their messages, and even use the same encryption protocol, resulting in virtually identical guarantees of the

Without any similarity, Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram have a ruthless competition for controlling the profitable instant messaging market. However, as a lightning strike, the news arrives that the co-founder of Whatsapp Brian Acton has become CEO of Signal.

Acton’s appointment comes in a period of profound internal renewal of Signal’s organization chart, after the creator of the Moxie Marlinspike app left the role of CEO with a post of January 10 on the company’s blog. Signal found herself deprived of a CEO, and began the search for a person who could play that role outside the company: meanwhile, however, Marlinspike made Acton the CEO interim of the application.

Marlinspike, in his blog post on the company blog, explained: “I will continue to sit in Signal’s executive board, committing myself to helping to manifest Signal’s mission from that position, and I will start the transition from my role as C Brian Acton, who is on the Signal Foundation Board, has been nominated to become interim CEO during the research period. I trust in your commitment to our mission.”

Acton was one of the co-creators of Whatsapp in 2009, along with Jan Koum, and founded and funded the company that manages Signal, the Signal Foundation, together with Marlinspike, in 2017. Before becoming interim CEO of Signal, Acton was Executive President of the Signal Foundation, but never had direct roles in managing the instant messaging app.

It is still unclear what will change in the transition from Marlinspike to Acton, also because the latter’s CEO role should last a few months at most: meanwhile, Signal challenged Whatsapp by introducing encrypted group video calls with

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