Roaming Will Return In 2022: Here Is Where, What The Costs And The Reason

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Ladies and gentlemen, 2022 is coming and will bring with it a return not particularly welcome: roaming charges. Yes, you understand well: if you are planning to travel, you may soon be subject to that kind of issue again, although it is good to make it clear that this is not an EU decision.

Indeed, while free roaming was extended to 2032 in Europe (so good news from that point of view, given that the Roam Like Home legislation was being implemented originally introduced in 2017), the same does not apply to the Kingdom. In other words, according to GSMArena and Uswitch, in the UK, from January 2022, the main telephone operators will start to re-introduce roaming charges.

This is not just a move involving the citizens of the United Kingdom, because even those who travel to the UK will have to “submit” the tariffs. In this context, some operators such as German Telekom have already extended the free roaming period for those who are going to the UK from Europe until the end of 2022, but you understand well that not all operators could do the same and that however you are going back

In any case, to give you some concrete examples, starting from 6 January 2022 Vodafone will re-introtro the rate from 2 pounds per day and some passes. In addition, other telephone operators in the United Kingdom will do the same later. For example, 3 will re-introduce the tariff from 23 May 2022. The dates are at least valid for UK residents who will travel to Europe, while for Europeans who will visit the UK there may be extensions, as mentioned above.

Moreover, for those who have subscribed to subscriptions before a certain period, which varies depending on the operator, there may also be a transitional period. It all depends on the operators involved, but what is certain is that Brexit is making roaming return. In other words, if you plan to go to the UK in 2022, a check on your roaming choice could help you avoid any “surprises.”

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