Samsung: A Patent Shows A Smartphone That Folds And Rolls

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Samsung is one of the leading companies in the smartphone market, and has gained this position thanks to its technological drive: only a few days ago, in fact, Samsung announced a technology for new generation batteries, lasting more than a week. Today, instead, a Samsung patent shows a particular smartphone concept.

As you can see from the images at the bottom, in fact, the Korean company has patented a folding and rolling smartphone at the same time, whose design was deposited at the WIPO, or World Intellectual Property Organization The images have been leaked through the network thanks to a report from the 91Mobilis portal.

The patent, which could easily refer to a product that we will never see on the market, shows the Korean giant’s commitment to the foldable sector, which on the other hand is the market in which Samsung takes over, with 90% of total sales. The prototype however shows what could be the future of the folding industry, i.e. the rolling phones: many companies, in fact, have filed patents for their “rollable” devices, even if at the moment they have never been put on the market smartph

Samsung’s patent, however, refers to a “device capable of sliding and bending over itself,” which should allow users to slide the screen from the front to the side (and then to the back) of the display, or to fold it

Finally, the document explains that the phone uses a hinge and engine system to complete such operations on the screen, but is limited to this information. Obviously, no Samsung device using these functions has ever been marketed or noised, so we’ll have to wait a long time before we see the patent in action.

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