Samsung And Ibm At Work On Revolutionary Battery: Up To A Week With A Charge

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The battery market could see many interesting new developments in 2022: in addition to the new Xiaomi battery smaller but more large, in fact, there is an unprecedented technology in the processing phase by Samsung and IBM, able to guarantee

As reported by PhoneArena, the two technology giants would be working together on a new chip architecture that could reduce energy consumption to 85%, at least theoretically speaking. The solution we are talking about is called Vertical-Transport Nanosheet Field Effect Transistor, or VTFET, but it is an important evolution of the current finFET design.

Without going too far in technical details, it is enough to know that while the latter has transistors inside the chips on a flat surface, the VTFET design expands everything even in vertical direction by circumventing the limits of the finFET model to offer dimensions and contact surface

In this way, batteries can be optimized in two different ways: on the one hand, they aim for efficiency, producing performance as well as current ones but with an increase in autonomy up to 85%; on the other hand, the chip performance can be increased also

The Internet of Things industry would certainly benefit from this new technology, as it would allow particularly small devices to operate for months. However, it is not to be excluded that use is also possible on smartphones and other consumer electronics products. Although these are only internal studies in laboratories, therefore a technical device far from being released on the market, the premises remain excellent.

But there are also other new items signed Samsung coming up! For example, South Korean company produced the first GDDR6 memories at 24 Gbps.

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