Samsung Galaxy Note, After All, It May Not Be Over Here.

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Just a few days ago, the news that Samsung would not renew the Galaxy Note trademark has spoiled everyone, both in the field and not. As a lightning to the sky, therefore, the historical series that launched the phablet format seemed close to its end.

Moreover, it is also thanks to the huge bet of the first Samsung Galaxy Note that today’s smartphones have evolved to the abundant diagonals that many of us can no longer do without. Daring, Samsung has launched a standard for the entire industry and the absence of a new generation this year has left bitter in the mouth of many loyal.

If his absence in the current lineup could somehow be justified by the arrival of the most incredible series of foldable products from the South Korean giant, such as the Galaxy Fold3 seen in our review, it is also true that it might not be

What we are about to bring back is to be taken with the pliers but the well-known tipster Ice Universe, one of the most reliable in Samsung’s house, has just pointed out that “someone in the supply chain has seen evidence of the

An eloquent post, which inevitably clashes with Samsung’s failure to renew the trademark. On the net, a few months ago, the hypothesis of a real shift from the Galaxy Note series towards the FE model of the Galaxy S arose, but all this is only in the field of speculation. There is only one fact, and that is what matters at the moment. Samsung did not launch any Galaxy Note in 2021: is it the beginning of the end or just a pause for reflection? If Samsung is ready to abandon the series that has characterized the evolution of smartphones in the last decade, will the users be?

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