Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Device Appeared On Samsung China Website

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Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series is due to be launched in February: in view of the official presentation of the devices, the leaks on them are skyrocketing these days. In particular, in the center of rumors is Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which could even be called Samsung Galaxy S22 Note.

A few hours ago the first benchmark of the Galaxy S22 Ultra (or Note) appeared online, which established that the device will have an 8 or 10 GB RAM, and not 12 or 16 GB as suggested by some of the previous leaks.

Today, however, Samsung Galaxy S22 appeared on Samsung China’s website, with a dedicated support section. The page is still online several hours after its discovery, carried out by GizmoChina, so it seems difficult to be an oversight of Samsung. As you can see from the image at the bottom, however, no photos of the device have been uploaded, so the information we have thanks to the support page is limited.

The device was released with the SM-908U model code, the same used for the device whose benchmark leaked on Geekbench a few hours ago, and which was equipped with 8 GB RAM and SoC Snapdragon It seems, therefore, that the Chinese market, and in all likelihood all other Asian markets, will receive this kind of device, while the SM-908B model, equipped with Exynos chipsets, could be reserved for the United States and Europe.

The model number that appeared on Samsung China’s support page would also benefit from the benchmark that appeared on the network a few days ago, particularly the assumption that the device RAM is actually 8 or 10 GB, and does not reach the higher cuts expected by the

For the rest, next to the chipset and the size of the RAM, we know that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 128 GB or 256 GB memory, while no noise cuts from 512 GB and 1 TB of st The device should be released in Black, White and Dark Red colors. Finally, the prices of the Galaxy S22 series should start from 800 Dollars, which will become 800 Euros in Europe, and rise depending on the model, RAM and internal storage desired.

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