Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Will The S Pen Be Improved?

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A few hours ago the supposed date of presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 appeared on the net. We know almost everything about devices, from form factor to technical data sheet, even if we still miss some secondary characteristics. Today, for example, we find that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s S Pen will also be improved with a very important update.

The S Pen by Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the features inherited from the Galaxy Note series, now permanently retired by Samsung. In particular, the new S Pen will be three times faster than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, according to the Youtuber XEETECHCARE.

According to XEETECHCARE video, Samsung has significantly reduced the delay of S Pen input on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, bringing latency to just 2.8 ms. This makes the new S Pen (at least in combination with the S22 Ultra) three times more reactive than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which had an input latency of 9.0 ms.

According to XEETECHCARE, Samsung wants to improve the experience of handwriting on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the reduction of latency seems vital to achieve this goal. The channel also referred to the next generation S Pen saying it is “the fastest and realistic S Pen on the market, with an improved latency of three times,” referring to the feature called “Super Natural Handwriting Experience.”

The same YouTube channel confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will support the 12-bit HDR standard: the information, however, has not been confirmed for the time being by any other source, so we invite you to take it with the Surely, however, we will know more when the Galaxy S22 series will be officially presented in February.

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