Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Briefly Appears On Samsung America’s Website: Here Is The Form Factor

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A few hours away from the discovery of the Ultra variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 by the NeoWin portal, which also published the first renders of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra on the net, it seems that Samsung The device, in fact, appeared on the support page of the company’s American website.

The image published by the Korean giant, discovered by portal 91Mobilis and visible at the bottom, is unfortunately in low resolution but clearly shows a Samsung tablet equipped with notch: since the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra should be the device “inaugu

At the moment, the photograph is no longer available on Samsung America’s website, but according to GizmoChina reports it would have remained visible for several hours in the night, which suggests that Samsung, the second global tablet manufacturer after Apple, is not interested in

The rumors about Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 have been going on for more than six months now, so it seems that the device will be a “non-surprise” at the time of its presentation: of Samsung’s tablet, in fact,

However, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is expected to arrive in stores around the world next March, with a starting price of 1,100 Dollars, about 969 Euros.

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