Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Is Approaching: Leak The Possible Prices, And What Figures!

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Just a month after the leak regarding the memory cuts of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, the next range of flagship tablets from the South Korean giant, we will talk about it with some more details about retail prices at launch. That’s how much the much awaited version could cost.

According to the data collected by the Appuals portal, the tablet series should consist of three variants (base, Plus, Ultra) further divided into Wi-Fi / 5G and storage cuts of 128 or 256 GB, each with a very different price The good news for those who want to complete the update of the tablet remaining in the portfolio Samsung is that the basic price should decrease compared to the predecessor, from 749 Euro to 680-700 Euro approximately. In the Plus variant, the most expensive cut is expected to increase in costs of 50 Euro.

The full list is as follows:

Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi) – 8GB + 128GB: 680-700 Euro

Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi) – 8GB + 256GB: 830-850 Euro

Galaxy Tab S8 (5G) – 8GB + 128GB: 830-850 Euro

Galaxy Tab S8 (5G) – 8GB + 256GB: 880-900 Euro

Galaxy Tab S8+ (Wi-Fi) – 8GB + 128GB: 880-900 Euro

Galaxy Tab S8+ (Wi-Fi) – 8GB + 256GB: 930-950 Euro

Galaxy Tab S8+(5G) – 8GB + 128GB: 1040-1060 Euro

Galaxy Tab S8+(5G) – 8GB + 256GB: 1100-1110 Euro

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (Wi-Fi) – 8GB + 128GB: 1040-1060 Euro

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (5G) – 8GB + 128GB: 1200-1220 Euro

Obviously, we are still talking about estimates and nothing official but, as the launch approaches, it is increasingly plausible data. Our advice remains to take these numbers cum wheat salt and wait for the official launch.

Speaking of rumors, in mid-December the technical specifications of Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra were leaked.

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