Samsung Is The First Company In The World To Demonstrate Mram: Is This The Future?

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Samsung reaches another milestone and through an article published in Nature has announced that it has become the first company in the world to demonstrate the in-memory computing process on MRAM. This is an important new feature compared to what is happening today.

As you know, on devices such as smartphones and computers, most processing processes are executed by chips that exist for these purposes and are characterized by high energy efficiency, despite the cost required. The RAM, on its side, is intended to store temporarily bits of information to allow the processor to access it immediately whenever it needs it.

For several years, however, the main companies in the sector have been looking for new more efficient and practical processing solutions, and in this context the study of Samsung is part, which represents an absolute first since never before the elaboration in memory MRAM had been

The MRAM is random access but is not volatile and can store bits of data without requiring the passage of electric current, as it stores them on magnetic charges rather than on electric ones such as classical RAM.

In addition, there is a reduced energy consumption, as well as a considerable time saving. This means that the systems on which the MRAMs will be integrated will save millions of valuable seconds.

Samsung explains that once developed ad-hocly, technology will bring considerable benefits to artificial intelligence processing activities The complete article can be read directly on Nature.

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