Samsung Marries The Blockchain: Support For Nfts Comes On New Tvs

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More news from the Samsung front. On the occasion of the presentation of the new range of Neo QLED 2022 TV and microLED 2022, the Asian giant announced integrated support to the NFTs through the NFT Cluster Platform.

The NFTs were the fashion of 2021, and surely this trend is set to continue even during 2022. Samsung wanted to anticipate the timing and to avoid being unprepared, he explained that the 2022 TV range will include support for the display and purchase of NFTs.

Samsung has defined this platform as a unique in the world, since no TV model includes such a function. The marketplace in question will allow potential buyers to preview the NFTs available for purchase, with a description and history of “who created it to what metadata include.”

The NFT Cluster Platform will use Smart Calibration technology to intuitively adjust TV settings so that this shows the NFT based on how the artist created it in terms of brightness, colors and more.

More details on Samsung’s NFT platform will be made known in the next two weeks when TVs start to be distributed.

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