Scientists Identify 7 Different Traits Of Personality In Cats: Here Are What They Are

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People describe cats as self-sufficient, cold and detached animals. Those who have ever had one of these cats in the house know that they are not really like that and they, like humans, have different personalities and behaviors. Thus, in a new study, experts have tried to outline the distinctive features of these creatures.

“In comparison to dogs, less is known about cat behaviour and personality,” says veterinary Salla Mikkola of Helsinki University in Finland. “The most common behavioural challenges associated with cats are aggressiveness and inappropriate elimination [i.e. when cat urine or defecates at home].”

The owners of these cats were asked, through an online survey, to include, among other things, sex, age, race, color of the cape and the main activity of their cat. The questionnaire was compiled twice, so scientists had a greater accuracy.

Eventually, experts had information of 4,316 different cats. Of these, scientists have succeeded in extrapolating five traits of the personality and two traits of the cats:

Activity/play Fear Aggression towards humans Society towards humans Society towards other cats Problems with litter Toelettura excessive

The most fearful breed was the Blue of Russia, while the Abyssinian was the most docile of all, says vet Hannes Lohi of the University of Helsinki. “Bengala was the most active breed, while Persian and Exotic were the most passive. The races showing the most excessive grooming were Siamese and Balinese, while the Turca Van race obtained considerably higher scores in aggression towards man and less sociable towards cats.”

The data collected help experts understand the personalities of cats, as well as provide a basis from which future research can be conducted. Cat owners, on the other hand, fall into five distinct categories: here are what they are.

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