Semiconductor Crisis: Improvements Are Made, But The Situation Remains Desperate

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The semiconductor crisis is now a reality with which we all have to deal, which has caused the Christmas shortage of the stocks of CPUs, GPUs and consoles of the next generation, as well as that of smartphones, tablets and laptops. However, according to Trendforce, from November 2021 the shortage of materials and chips would have been reduced.

In particular, according to TrendForce, the most difficult components to find are SSD controllers with PCIe 3.0 interface, commonly used in entry-level PCs and for mainstream audiences. Other almost untraceable computer parts are the motherboards and RAMs related to Intel ALder Lake CPUs, which currently record waiting times of 8-12 weeks, while the availability of the CPUs is much better.

However, the report explains that the less expensive and required chips in large volumes are now more easily available on the market: we are talking about power current management chips, Wi-Fi and USB-C ports with their respective controllers and chipsets. These components, used in many products on the market, have returned to be available with much better waiting times than the last months, despite Intel’s gloomy predictions about the continuation of the semiconductor crisis.

However, Trendforce also points out that manufacturers still do not have sufficient output capabilities for many important chips, such as touchscreen controllers and chip for screen and display management. Several companies are trying to improve their output, but things will not improve before 2023, given the long time needed to get into the system of new production for chips.

At the moment, however, the worst side of the crisis is that of servers and smartphones: the LAN server controllers, in fact, have estimated delivery times of 40 weeks, far too long, although in sharp improvement compared to last quarter (when they were equal to

Despite this data, the manufacturer of components for smartphone Qualcomm said confident about a resolution of the semiconductor crisis in 2022: surely the physiological drop in sales of the beginning of the year will help the industry, allowing companies to realize stocks to use when the demand will be

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