Serie A On Tv: Sky And Dazn Matches Until The 19Th Day

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The League Serie A has announced the advance and delay of Serie A matches since the 17th Serie A day, which kicks off today 10 December 2021, to the 19th round scheduled for December 22nd. Therefore, the programming of the matches on Sky and DAZN has also been announced.

Seventeenth day

10/12/2021, Friday 20.45 Genoa-Sampdoria (DAZN)

11/12/2021, Saturday 15.00 Fiorentina-Salernitana (DAZN)

11/12/2021, Saturday 18.00 Venice-Juventus (DAZN)

11/12/2021, Saturday 20.45 Udinese-Milan (DAZN/Sky)

12/12/2021, Sunday 12.30 p.m. Turin-Bologna (DAZN/Sky)

12/12/2021, Sunday 15.00 Hellas Verona-Atalanta (DAZN)

12/12/2021, Sunday 18.00 Naples-Empoli (DAZN)

12/12/2021, Sunday 18.00 Sassuolo-Lazio (DAZN)

12/12/2021, Sunday 20.45 Inter-Cagliari (DAZN)

13/12/2021, Monday 20.45 Roma-Spezia (DAZN/Sky)

Eighteenth day

17/12/2021, Friday 18.30 Lazio-Genoa (DAZN)

17/12/2021, Friday 20.45 Salernitana-Inter (DAZN/Sky)

18/12/2021, Saturday 15.00 Atalanta-Rome (DAZN)

18/12/2021, Saturday 18.00 Bologna-Juventus (DAZN)

18/12/2021, Saturday 20.45 Cagliari-Udinese (DAZN/Sky)

19/12/2021, Sunday 12.30 pm Fiorentina-Sassoul (DAZN/Sky)

19/12/2021, Sunday 15.00 Spezia-Empoli (DAZN)

19/12/2021, Sunday 18.00 Sampdoria-Venice (DAZN)

19/12/2021, Sunday 18.00 Turin-Hellas Verona (DAZN)

19/12/2021, Sunday 20.45 Milan – Naples (DAZN)

Nineteenth day

21/12/2021, Tuesday 18.30 Udinese-Salernitana (DAZN)

21/12/2021, Tuesday 20.45 Genoa-Atalanta (DAZN/Sky)

21/12/2021, Tuesday 20.45 Juventus-Cagliari (DAZN)

22/12/2021, Wednesday 16.30 Sassuolo-Bologna (DAZN)

22/12/2021, Wednesday 16.30 Venice-Lazio (DAZN)

22/12/2021, Wednesday 18.30 Hellas Verona-Fiorentina (DAZN/Sky)

22/12/2021, Wednesday 18.30 Inter-Turin (DAZN)

22/12/2021, Wednesday 18.30 Rome-Sampdoria (DAZN)

22/12/2021, Wednesday 20.45 Empoli-Milan (DAZN/Sky)

22/12/2021, Wednesday 20.45 Naples-Spezia (DAZN)

Remember that from the 2021-22 season the whole Serie A will be broadcast on DAZN, while Sky has brought home the package for the transmission of only two games for each round of the championship, however in co-exclusive with the new media company.

A new letter from AGCOM to DAZN was received in the week, asking for clarification of quality and audience.

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