Several Billionaires Invest In The Company That Wants To Stop Ageing

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According to MIT Technology Review, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos and the Russian-Israeli billionaire Yuri Milner invested in Altos Lab. The latter, as you will have already noticed from the title, is a biotechnology company that is studying techniques of rejuvenation at the cellular level.

At present, Altos Lab has not made any announcements, but has raised as much as 270 million dollars, attracting very talented scientists from all over the world (most likely due to the high salaries offered by the company). The goal is to understand the aging of cells and try to reverse this process.

When it comes to ageing, humans have not made any progress in reversing or reducing the process. “Cell reprogramming is one of the most exciting ideas in the biology of aging right now: that only four genes, originally discovered in an attempt to understand stem cells, seem able to bring back” said Andrew Steele, scientist and

There are many obstacles, both biological and technical, but scientists expect to discover – at least – a few more points on the issue… despite being sure they are exploring a really tough field. “The aging process is very multifaceted – in my book, I’m talking about ten “signs” of the aging process, although some scientists have slightly different lists,” the expert said.

Although four different models of aging have been discovered, the subject is still a mystery for many scientists.

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