Signal’s Founder With A Leg Stretched On Telegram: “It’s The Worst Choice For Privacy”

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A few days after the launch of video calls to 40 people on Signal, the founder of the instant messaging platform, Moxie Marlinspikee, on Twitter he gets into a tight leg on Telegram. In this case, the manager took it out on the media for the way they describe the Pavel Durov app.

Marlinspike says that “it is surprising that after all this time, all the media coverage around Telegram describes it as an encrypted platform.”

While observing that Telegram has “many interesting features,” Signal’s founder states without any means that “in terms of privacy and data collection, there is no worse.”

In subsequent tweets, he also justifies his statement and points out that Telegram stores all contacts, groups, media and any messages sent and received clearly on its servers. “The application you see on your smartphone is only showing their server, where the data actually resides,” says Marlinspike, who urged users to do a test: delete Telegram, install it on a new phone of

“You will immediately see the full history of your conversations, all your contacts, all the media and what you have shared. Why? Because everything is stored on their servers, in clear” continues.

Signal’s chief also dwells on the functionality of Telegram’s secret chat, and he is also concerned about it.

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