Since When Do Netflix Prices Increase In Italy? Send Emails

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It has passed a few weeks since Netflix announced that prices have risen in Italy, and the streaming platform is sending mails to inform subscribers that the monthly subscription price will soon increase.

As we show in the screenshot below, we have also received the email that informs us that from next 3 January 2022 the price of our Premium subscription will go from the current 15.99 to 17.99 Euro. The new price list will be in effect, therefore, from the first renewal of 2022.

The increases will in fact concern the Standard plans (which will increase to 12.99 euros from 11.99 Euro) and Premium (from 15.99 to 17.99 Euro), while the Base plan will continue to be available to 7.99 Euro.

In the email however it is pointed out that through the account page present on Netflix you can disable automatic renewal.

In a separate email, Netflix points out that “we are updating our prices to provide you with an entertainment experience that always exceeds your expectations. Your monthly fee will increase to 17.99 € on January 3, 2022. This update adds value to your subscription because it will allow us to offer you motivating, moving or simply improving stories for you.”

Judging from the reports on social media, many have received the email in the last few hours.

Netflix has also recently introduced the AV1 codec that increases quality on TV and consoles.

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