Sky, Five-Channel Tv From 10 January 2022: Which Is The

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On January 10, 2022, in just over four days, five channels will abandon Sky platforms. Previously, the date of the shutdown was announced on January 7, but the pay TV decided to extend the view for a few more days.

The networks concerned are, as is widely known, those of Mediaset Premium Cinema. The biscione and Sky have been interrupting their contracts for some time and for this reason, from 10 January 2022 it will no longer be possible to display:

Premium Crime

Premium Stories

Premium Cinema 1

Premium Cinema 2

Premium Cinema 3

As noted on the main specialized forums, and reported by colleagues at TVDigitalDivide, Premium Cinema, Premium Crime and Premium Stories will also be removed from the Infinity+ Mediaset online platform, with their content that should be redistributed

The partnership between Mediaset Premium and Sky lasted several years, culminating in the historic agreement between Sky and Mediaset of March 2018, which led to the integration into the Sky Cinema package of Premium Cinema, Premium Cinema +24, Awards

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