Smartphone, German Government Wants Manufacturers To Offer 7 Years Of Software Update

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Over the last few years, the themes of planned obsolescence and the right to repair have become the protagonists of debates even at government level. After the green light from the European Parliament, it is now the German government that announces the possible future application of stricter rules to smartphone manufacturers.

As taken up by Wccftech, while the European Union is still working on the right to repair a spokesman of the German Federal Ministry of Economy discussed the government’s intention to request the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer, or manufacturers) guarantee

Also side delivery of spare parts will have to be important changes to ensure the fastest possible supply and, of course, the fastest and safest repair possible. Under European law on the right to repair, the maximum delivery time is 5 working days, while in Germany there is still an official timetable.

This is the case while iOS 15 is confirmed to be available on older iPhones, including iPhone 6s and 6s Plus; this means that the Cupertino giant will be the only smartphone manufacturer in the world in the future. This will probably serve as an example for the latter, who will eventually find himself legally obliged to adapt to the seven years of continuous support.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration in the United States has also signed an executive order on the right to repair.

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