Sold As An Anti-5G Pendant, But They Were Radioactive: The Incredible History From Holland

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Some studies published over the last few months have shown that Italians are among the most skeptical in the world about 5G. However, the incredible story we are about to tell you does not come from our country, but from Holland where anti-5G pendants have been discovered to contain radioactive substances.

Officially, these objects were intended to protect people from 5G, which according to the conspiracy theories would be harmful to human health despite studies on 5G have shown otherwise. However, some tests carried out by the Dutch local authority, the ANVS, which deals with nuclear safety and radiation protection, have reported ten of these products as they would emit harmful ionizing radiation.

Among the products reported are masks for the night, bracelets, a pendant……quantico…and a necklace called…………….

The analyses carried out showed that volcanic ashes, titanium, tourmaline, zeolite, germanium and monazite sand are present in these devices, as well as natural radioactive elements such as uranium and thorium. The amount of radiation detected is sufficient to be detected by monitoring equipment. Although the Authority did not prohibit the sale entirely, it reported the producers to the relevant agencies in the countries where they are important. It is unclear whether Italy is also interested.

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