Someone Is Selling Nasa Space Telescope On Site For The Used: It Is A Unique Piece

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As the launch of the space telescope James Webb continues to wait, someone has made available another NASA space telescope on a site for the sale of used goods. This is the only Space Shuttle Columbia telescope available to private individuals, now proposed on the market for 10 million Dollars.

The telescope in question is one of the four transported on December 2, 1990 from NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia: three of them detected ultraviolet rays, while one observed X-rays in space. Overall, they managed to make 231 observations of 130 unique astronomical targets. On returning to Earth, each single space telescope retired to retirement, but while the three dedicated to UV rays are preserved at the National Air and Space Museum, the Broad Band X-Ray Telescope (BBXRT) was purchased

After almost two decades, he decided to sell it on Craigslist for 10 million Dollars, although it is the largest private-owned artifact that flew into space and has a value to the construction of 40 million Dollars Urciolo, as stated in Futurism, opted for Craigslist instead of eBay in light of the last change of policies by the platform, and was also said particularly available to dialogue with all collectors interested in BBXRT. He also clarified that he could be shipped worldwide (no export restrictions) in standard shipping containers.

Who wants this telescope, with an attached 18-wheel cart on which it rests, can then go to Craigslist and contact him directly. A rather bizarre fate for a space telescope, but a piece of history that will fascinate many space lovers.

To the latter, meanwhile, we recommend again the vision of the last videos of the first probe to touch the Sun.

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