Starlink: How Many Satellites Are In Orbit? Elon Musk’s Response

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After telling you about the strange predilection of cats for Starlink’s parables, we are back today to deal with the satellite Internet of SpaceX, because Elon Musk has shared several data on Starlink in the last few hours. Musk, in fact, has published on Twitter some interesting statistics on his latest space project.

Starlink is SpaceX’s satellite internet service, and is based on small satellites in the Earth’s low orbit, or Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), to ensure internet connection for its users, even arriving in rural areas where Of course, for such a service to be operational, it is essential that SpaceX has as large a fleet of satellites as possible.

Just on the size of the fleet Musk has focused, that he has explained that at the moment the satellites of Starlink active are more than 1,400, 1,469 to the accuracy, with others 272 in movement towards the operating orbit. The first data published by Musk has been on Starlink for a long time, since SpaceX is not known for its transparency about its satellite internet project: at the moment, for example, SpaceX has not yet provided statistics on the connection guaranteed by Starlink, for which

In all likelihood, the choice to publish this data also depends on the political pressures of the American FCC, which has been dealing with SpaceX for months for substantial funding to expand Internet connections in rural areas of the United States right through Starlink.

The information Musk shared also explains that Starlink has orbited 25% of satellites for the first phase of its project, for which 4,396 satellites should be shipped into the LEO. In the future, however, the number of satellites in orbit could increase further.

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