Strandbeests, Giant Skeletons Driven By The Wind: They Are Incredible

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Strandbeests are machines made of PVC and wood tubes that are operated by the wind. Thanks to the strength of nature, in fact, they manage to move and the result is really incredible. Theo Jansen, a Dutch artist who has been tinkering with these machines since the early 1990s, created all these works.

♪ The first animal in 1990 could only move the legs on the back. The leg system evolved in the first two years, and then I found better ways to connect the tubes: at first I used the tape to make the connections, and then I found out that you could use heat,” Jansen explains. The sculptures are animated by the wind thanks to polymeric sails.

It is the light frame and the clever propulsion systems that allow these “beasts” to advance along the beaches alone. Jansen, every year, starts working on a new machine starting from October, and then presents it to the general public towards summer. Incrediblely, the artist has managed to evolve his creations more and more.

“I want animals to be independent of me in the next 20 years, so that they make their own decisions: when to walk on the beach, what to anchor in the storms or when to get away from the water,” Jansen told the BBC in the footprint The video above shows the Strandbeests in all its splendor.

The works in question are known all over the world and the artist has conducted several world tours in Japan, France, Russia and the United States.

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