Study Reveals Link Between Red Meat And Increased Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

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While the production of ‘cultivated’ meat in California is being considered, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the animal rearing and killing process, new studies reveal how red meat can lead to an increased risk of

The debate has been on for some time and there are scientific reports which emerge both in support and against this thesis. The latest of these was published by Cleveland Clinic following over a decade of studies by the doctor and main author Stanley Hazen. When he looked at other reference analyses together with other recent researches, he and his colleagues found that when intestinal bacteria digest some abundant nutrients in red meat and other animal products, called TMAO (trimethylamine N-oxide), then he increases the risk of heart disease and

The process in question consists of two phases: in the first, the microbes convert the carnitine to TMAO, causing a possible increase in the formation of blood clots. More intestinal microbes could then convert carnitine to yBB or gamma-butyrobetain, intermediate metabolite that deals with the conversion of carnitine to TMAO in the intestine. In omnivores it is more present, while vegetarians and vegans in the long term would notice levels extremely lower, ergo a minimal conversion capacity or nothing of carnitine in TMAO. In other words, the higher levels of yBB would be associated with adverse events such as cardiovascular disease and, in the worst cases, stroke, non-lethal heart attacks or death.

Stanley Hazen said: • These new studies identify the cluster of microbial intestinal genes responsible for the second phase of the process that connects a diet rich in red meat to high risks of heart disease. This discovery helps us to focus on new therapeutic goals to prevent or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease associated with diet.

Regarding the heart, a research published last October showed how the muscles of the heart do not tire like others.

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