Target In Difficulty Due To Apple Ar: Xros System For Ar And Vr Viewers Deleted

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After launching the Metaverso Horizon Worlds in beta, Meta started work on an in-house operating system for AR and VR viewers and based on the Metaverso. However, according to a report from The Information portal, the company would already have said goodbye to the plan of a proprietary operating system for AR and VR viewers.

The reason for this sudden change in design was the approach of Apple AR’s marketing: in fact, Apple’s viewer will arrive in forward 2022, and could cause a real earthquake in the headset market, according to Meta’s forecasts. Facebook’s work on the operating system would start in 2017 and end abruptly in November 2021, when Apple AR rumors began to circulate insistently on the net. About 300 Meta employees worked on the project.

At the moment, Oculus headsets use a version of Android called VROS, but Meta had decided to develop a “home” operating system that could better adapt to its metaverse-related ambitions: the system had XROS machining name

Until Apple launches its AR viewer, Meta will continue to work on Android, improving VROS: this could bring efforts on Facebook metaverse closer to Google’s, creating two separate ecosystems, namely Apple’s and Google’s. Before Apple AR’s announcement, Meta probably wanted to build a system compatible with both Apple devices and Android phones, seeking a quasi-monopolistic position on the market, which it will not be able to obtain in case of direct competition from Apple.

On the contrary, Apple is working on rOS, Apple AR’s operating system: again, it is a proprietary operating system, which will most likely be used on all Cupertino viewers, including Apple AR, Apple’s smartglasses and

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