Tcl Announces The Mini Led Tv 8K 2021, Between Mini Led X Qled, Cod And Hdmi 2.1

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During a special presentation aired on the morning of September 8, TCL unveiled its new range of Mini LED 8K TVs for 2021. However, there are also other surprises.

Starting from televisions, the brand has officially officialized the TCL Mini LED 8K TV X925 Pro and X925. The first has an 85-inch panel, while the second has two cuts: 65 and 75 inches. The company has indicated the technology behind these solutions as the evolution of the previous LED technology. The diamond tip of the 2021 lineup, the X925 Pro TV, features a direct backlight mode that significantly reduces the size of each LED, making it 700 times smaller than a traditional LED technology. In practical terms, this means a higher quality of visual quality, guaranteed for example by a more accurate contrast in darker scenes, but also in high brightness scenes. In addition, focus is on luminance and HDR, as well as on offering more details in general. To understand, there is no shortage of upscale for “not 8K” content.

All this in a TV with a particularly small profile, guaranteed by the TCL OD Mini Zero LED Technology. Then you focus on an aluminium body and a high-end design, designed to fit as you would in several contexts. In the lower part of the model there is a mechanical slider, designed to protect the leather-coated speakers. The presence of the imposing “Ultra-Bass” on the back is also noted.

In addition, TCL has combined QLED and Mini LED technologies, so as to aim for a general quality of high level a little in all scenarios. In this context, the TV series X also aims at audio, thanks to a sound section realized in collaboration with ONKYO. Audio channel 5.1.2, 25 speakers and 160W outputs: these are the details of the top range X925 Pro. X925 has an audio channel 2.1 and output of 60W. As for the operating system, there is no lack of the new Google TV interface. There is also a “Magic Camera” for video calls, for example through Google Duo. There is also the possibility of controlling the television by means of simple gestures.

For the rest, TCL has announced several partnerships in gaming. For example, the well-known brand has become Official TV Partner of Call of Duty: Vanguard, the title of Activision released on November 5, 2021. In this regard, TCL has officially announced that the X series comes with a package called Game Master, which includes some features related to HDMI 2.1 (i.e. VRR, ALLM and ARC), 120Hz MEMC and Wi-Fi support

In addition, the company is aiming at the world of eSports with the GT World Challenge. TCL also claimed to represent the second largest producer globally in the LCD TV market.

In addition to this, the brand has officially announced new features regarding the AixIoT ecosystem. In this context, during the presentation, it was shown the possibility to ask Google to turn on the air conditioner: a way to present the new X series of TCL smart air conditioners. There was also the ad of the smart refrigerator C470, which has a 21.5 inch LED screen that allows you to control everything properly, as well as get tips. For the rest, the TCL X10 Washing Machine, the TCL TS8132 soundbar and the Sweeva 6500 vacuum cleaner robot have been shown (they can create a map of the house and allow the user to manage everything at their best). At the heart of the experience offered by the products is the TCL Home App, which allows you to check everything.

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