Tcl Exaggerates: Published Videos Of Smartphones That Bend And Expand!

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TCL has many new features coming in 2022: cheap smartphones, soundbars, televisions, but also refrigerators and washing machines. The company’s portfolio is increasingly rich in devices, even with extremely interesting projects. Among these there is a new prototype of folding and expandable smartphones. Science fiction? Not at all, there’s a video!

The test unit in question was captured in a close-up film from Fold Universe during the DTC 2021 conference in Shenzhen, China, where TCL showed several of its products possibly coming to the market.

Among these is…Fold and Slide, folding smartphone that uses a single panel as an internal and external screen, but with the twist that expands to cover the diagonal of 10 inches thanks to a The film shows that, with the simple push of a button, the panel stretches and the user interface automatically adapts to cover the entire surface.

There are clear doubts about the screen duration and particularly high costs are expected for such advanced technology, but as prototypes there is still some room for improvement. In any case, TCL \”Fold and Slide \” remains a wonder of the technique that makes us look at the future of smartphones: the foldable and rollable design will become a new standard, or just a unique case for We’ll see.

Among other things, signals from this device came again last March, when a device’s rendering and sketches appeared on the network from the unique form factor.

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