Telegram Updates To Version 8.3: Interesting News For Groups And Privacy

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It has passed a month since the update to Telegram version 8.2 and, as punctual as a Swiss watch, comes another update today, December 7, 2021, which introduces some interesting news for the messaging service of Pavel Durov. What is it?

We immediately specify that this update does not bring with it great features or new elements of design, but a series of useful measures for each user. The main improvements will be noticed in the privacy field, both in groups and in Telegram channels: developers have in fact introduced the…Protected contents that allow to restrict the forwarding of messages (also preventing screenshots and saving multimedia content). To enable them, you will need to follow the group info or channel > group / channel type > No content saving path.

Another novelty for the protection of the privacy of users is the deletion of the conversation history of a specific day or even of a period of time of interest, on any one-on-one chat. This will be possible simply by tapping the date bar while scrolling the chat with any user, then opening the calendar and finally selecting the days to erase.

On the menu Still, some smartphones now have access to Telegram via call instead of SMS.

Finally, the possibility to publish anonymous messages in public groups is important: to do so, just press the profile photo next to the message bar, select one of its channels and send messages without showing up with your personal account.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has modified ephemeral messages by adding more time limits.

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