Telegram Will Show Who Read Messages In Group Chats

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Telegram seems to be about to receive other interesting news that will please many users: nine days after the launch of Telegram 8.0, the messaging service is currently testing the reading confirmations in group chats, with the attached display of contacts that have

This feature was noticed by Reddit u/RationalityOn user, who showed a screenshot in particular from the desktop version of Telegram where, by clicking on a message with the right mouse button, it displays

The same applies to Android smartphones. The screenshot at the bottom of the article shows perfectly the function of the feature: with a prolonged pressure on the message, the screen will show a menu with a separate entry dedicated to the accounts that read the message. To see the names, then, it will be enough to press on that voice and the game is done. It should be stressed, however, that this feature only works in group chats with less than 50 recipients, so as not to make the list of reading confirmations extremely long.

On Reddit users split up: many said they were happy with the implementation of this feature, saying they wanted it for a long time on Telegram. However, as many people have twisted their noses, adding that it is not always ideal to allow group members to know who viewed the message.

At present, this is still a test phase; therefore, it is not known whether and when the feature will be added in a stable version of the application. In the light of user comments, Telegram developers may even take a few steps back to understand how to improve read confirmations in group chats, possibly by entering a setting to make them optional.

In the meantime, even on WhatsApp, group chats are about to receive an important novelty, even if purely aesthetic.

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