The Absurdity Of The Mcgurk Effect: Makes Us Hear The Word We Read

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Our brain is not perfect: although it is a machine impossible to replicate, it can be mocked. An example is shown by optical illusions, images – some even really simple – that can send our grey matter into “tilt.” On this subject, today we want to talk about the McGurk effect.

The McGurk effect is, in short, a perceptive phenomenon that makes us hear only the word we read. Explaining this is difficult, and that’s why we’ll get help from a video that you’ll find at the bottom of the news. Listening to the sound, our ears (and our brain) decide to make us understand the word we are reading.

The most famous, which has become viral over the years several times on the web, is the video that shows us two words: “Green needle” and “Brainstorm.” The audio of the video repeats only one word, but according to the one we focus on we will hear either one or the other.

What the hell is going on? No, you’re not going crazy. It’s just a little game made by our brains. Our gray matter, in fact, is trying to understand what it thinks it is listening to, with a sound closer to what it reads (or sees). In short, therefore, the brain is trying to understand not only with the ears, but also with the eyes.

The effect was first described in an experiment conducted in 1976 by psychologists Harry McGurk and John MacDonald. The test has shown that visual information can affect and ignore what a person thinks they feel.

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