The App Comes To Measure Pressure Via The Smartphone Camera, Among Doubts

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In recent years, the health world has intertwined with the technology we are in contact with every day. A striking example is Apple’s, which has given this trend a major boost with its Apple Watch. However, a British health platform has announced this week an important step forward, among doubts., in fact, has revealed that it has added blood pressure monitoring to the suite of health tools in its app. In this case, developers observe that it is possible to calculate blood pressure through the camera of smartphones or laptops, by analyzing the face of the person. The CEO and Confounder of, David Maman, explained that this system was ‘designed to replace traditional sphygmomanometers’ bracelet.

The tool, to monitor blood pressure, analyses the light reflected from the face to calculate changes in blood flow, through a technology called photopletismography. This technique has also been used in other areas, to measure oxygen in the blood and heart rate.

However, experts say that this use is more complex to monitor blood pressure and, despite the progress that has been made in recent times, they observe that additional data are needed before they can make it available to companies.

Apple Watch’s ECG capabilities have proven to be very reliable in recent times: a few months ago we reported the news of Apple Watch’s ECG that saved a doctor’s life, who recognized a serious heart disease.

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