The Atmosphere Of The Sun Is Much Warmer Than Its Surface And Nobody Knows Why

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The surface of the Sun is warm about 5,500 degrees, while its atmosphere is warm more than a million degrees. How is that possible? Believe it or not, scientists still don’t know, and there are so many studies and theories that are trying to understand it.

The main idea among scientists is that the magnetic field of the Sun is bringing energy from within the nucleus – where the temperature is about 27 million degrees Celsius – through its surface and atmosphere. Like Earth, our star also has a magnetic field but behaves differently from Earth and seems much more messy.

Being able to measure the magnetic field of the sun would really help us to understand what is happening. How to measure the magnetic fields of our star? The surface of the sun is very bright and a change in its field can make small changes in light, so it is easy to see and study changes.

For this reason NASA is focusing everything on the Parker Solar Probe satellite, which plans to approach the Sun and study its magnetic field. These data will help scientists understand (hopefully!) the functioning of our star, revealing once and for all the mystery surrounding our star.

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