The Best Chick Films of All Time

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We all love a good chick flick. Even those guys out there who wouldn’t admit to it in public, secretly love a little bit of romance in their lives, and chick flicks can be the ultimate in wanton escapism at the cinema. We decided to look at some of the best chick flicks.

We were inspired to make a list of our all-time favorites after seeing some fantastic new films set to hit Cineworld cinemas in the year of the Love Punch.


Is there a better 90s chick flick than Clueless? As if! Clueless, starring Cher, Paul Rudd, and Alicia Silverstone, launched the careers of a lot of big stars and left us with many unforgettable quotes. We loved it for the fashion, dialogue and soundtrack. Rollin with the people?

Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts was a star in the movie, “Pretty Woman”. The romantic comedy, originally conceived as a dark drama, ended up being one of the most popular and financially successful romantic comedies yify download of all time. The film chronicles the love story between a boy and a girl who are both prostitutes, and a wealthy businessman and a girl who are both prostitutes, in a classic Cinderella tale of boy and girl living happily ever after.

Mean Girls

It is hard to believe that Mean Girls is ten years old this month. The film follows Cady Heron, a regulation hottie, as she navigates the world of high school politics and infiltrates the most popular group in school, The Plastics. It is one of the most quotable films of all time, as evidenced by the endless number of internet meme devoted to the flick.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Renée Zellweger is a real woman who is frustrated with her love life, work and weight, and she is played by Hugh Grant in the movie, “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” This film is a romantic comedy with a love triangle, uplifting soundtrack and plenty of laughs. Who could forget the big knickers of the famous woman?

The Notebook

The Notebook is a film written by the author of A Walk To Remember and Dear John, and stars a real life couple, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. After overcoming intrusive parents, war and separation, the pair are back together in a scene that is possibly the most romantic in cinematic history. You would have to be made of stone not to tear up in this classic tale of enduring love.

You can go to the cinema with your girlfriends and check out some of the latest releases.

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