The Big Goodbyes Of 2021 Of The Tech World: From Lg To Yahoo, Let’s Discover Them Together

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In a year gripped by an unprecedented industrial crisis and the spectre of Covid around every corner, we managed to achieve important goals in the scientific and technological field, as we told you in our special on the biggest scientific events of 2021.

But what have been the flops, the blurred projects and the services that have closed down in the last 12 months?

There were not few goodbyes, some particularly bulky in the hearts of fans. We start at the end of Yahoo! Answer, a leading figure in the last sixteen years of millions of users’ lives, but at his side there was a similar important farewell. Let’s talk about LG’s official goodbye to smartphones, without the possibility of appeal or passing a witness.

The undisputed protagonist of the last few months has undoubtedly been the Metaverse, accompanied by projects and investments more or less important for the whole tech sector, including all that has its roots in blockchain technology. Well, despite the fact that it is a thriving, profitable and booming market, we all know that we had to say goodbye to something. Yes, we’re talking about the metaverse announced by Zuckerberg. A conquest, will say in many, accompanied by the farewell to the Facebook group, albeit only formal, in favor of a rebranding of the corporate identity that now takes the name of Meta.

It is news of the beginning of December, instead, Google’s last greeting to a piece of its history. Goodbye to Google Toolbar took place without special ceremonies or announcements, but those who were baptized to technology in the early 2000s will recognize its crucial role in the development of today’s standards.

Finally, how not to talk about the official launch of Windows 11. The latest iteration of Microsoft’s Operating System brings in dowries how good it had managed to achieve with the previous version, enriching the experience of new integrations and optimizations, as well as a slightly reworked stylistic approach. To make the cost, for many PCs, it was the glorious Windows 10, which accompanied us for several years and to which many we said goodbye with some delay too. The support, however, will officially end only in 2025.

Did you say hello to a piece of technology this year? Let us know, as always, below in the space dedicated to comments.

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