The Bizarre Story Of Charles Vance Millar, Who Made Fun Of Everyone After His Death

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In Toronto, Canada, Charles Vance Millar, a respected lawyer known as a shy but very nice boy, lived in the early 19th century. Millar, after earning a lot of money in his profession, invested his earnings in a brewery and numerous horses but, by his own admission, “he had too much money.”

The lawyer was certainly a very eccentric man and, towards the end of his life, decided to leave his assets as a legacy to create very ironic situations and to have discussion.

He left his home in Jamaica to three lawyers who hated each other with the only condition that they had to “share it together,” gave valuable shares of his club on jockeys to fierce opponents of gambling and decided to leave his

However, Millar is remembered for another: he left the rest of his money to any mother in Toronto who had given birth to the greatest number of children in the 10 years after his death. Soon this legacy became a history-old competition like “The Great Stork Derby.”

Eleven families competed, but seven of them were later disqualified due to some badness. The competition was judged by the Supreme Court of Canada, which confirmed the validity of the will and dealt with regulating the “race.” Speaking of races, that’s why second place is worse than third place.

The criticism of The Great Stork Derby was a lot, especially that competition was damaging the health and well-being of the children involved, and mothers even argued about the number of their children (some even considered the dead or those who were born). Eventually, there were four winning families each receiving a share of the $110,000 prize.

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