The Chinese Rover Zhurong Greets Us With This Photo: Soon It Will Go To “Letargo,” That’s Why

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On Mars there are several rovers in operation, and the most recent of them is the fantastic “Zhurong” owned by CNSA (Chinese Space Agency). The small vehicle decided to capture its 100 days of activity with this suggestive panorama before going into hibernation.

If you are thinking of a possible total shutdown of the rover know that it is not so, be quiet: the rover (from what we know) still enjoys excellent health and the approach of a rest period is a simple precaution due to the position that Sun, Sea

Before talking about the hibernation that the Rover Zhurong will soon become self-imported, we taste his latest photographic production, portraying an extended panorama of the Martian plain “Utopia Planitia” in order to celebrate his cent The Chinese solar-powered rover has covered nearly 1,064 meters since it started walking on the surface of Mars on May 22 last, and in just three months it completed its primary mission.

The rover is now in the extended phase of its mission, and will continue to work as long as the systems allow it. In this regard, from mid-September until the end of October the rover will be put in safe mode and the same will be done for its orbiting companion, Tianwen-1, in order to prevent the charged particles of the Sun from interfering and ruining the instrumentation.

In a few days Mars will be on the opposite side of the Sun compared to Earth and the solar wind and radiation could interfere more with the communications between the Chinese mission control and the rover. For this reason, it is preferable to put the small Zhurong in a “safe” mode (also called “dark”) and avoid possible damage to the communication systems.

NASA’s rovers also need to get into safe fashion, including the legendary Perseverance that recently collected a sample of Martian rock.

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