The Effects Of The Spanish Inquisition Persist Today: Here Is How

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What if we told you that the effects of the Spanish Inquisition are still visible today? An international team of scientists has analyzed the effects of the Spanish inquisition on the territory and, incredibly and against all expectations, they still exist today. The study was published in The Conversation.

First, however, a little history: when we talk about “Spanish Inquisition” we refer to the court introduced in Spain in 1478 by Ferdinand II with the aim of imposing Christian religious uniformity. The inquisition was a real judicial institution that sought and repressed any kind of heresies. The methods used were many, from simple sanctions to actual torture.

The processes occurred in a long period between 1478 and 1834. Even 200 years after its abolition, however, in places where the inquisition was strong, levels of economic activity, trust and education were observed significantly lower than the places where it was weak (in the meantime, here are some chilly curiosities about the inquisition

In places without persecution, the average GDP per capita is 19,450 €, while in places where the inquisition was most active is less than 18,000 €. Why this difference? The inquisition was particularly suspicious of those who were educated and its impact on the cultural, scientific and intellectual climate of Spain was serious.

In short, the presence of this constant favored ignorance, with visible effects still today. Even the general trust of people toward their fellow humans decreases in areas where the Spanish inquisition was strong – according to a survey of 26,000 people. In short, 200 years after this tragic event, the places affected seem to be poorer, more religious and less educated.

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