The Embryo Of A Beautifully Preserved Dinosaur Has Been Discovered

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In 2000, in the Chinese province of Jiangxi, they were brought into the light of dinosaur eggs by the Hekou Formation of the late Cretaceous of southern China. Since then, however, the finds have been placed inside a store and forgotten forever… until the construction of the Museum of Natural History in Yingliang in 2010.

These fossils were later identified as dinosaur eggs and the embryo of a beautifully preserved dinosaur was discovered inside an egg. The fossil, nicknamed “Baby Yingliang,” was identified as an oviraptor, a genus of dinosaur lived in Asia during the late Cretaceous. Non-avian dinosaurs were brooding their eggs, and we have evidence.

“This dinosaur embryo is one of the most beautiful fossils I have ever seen,” said Steve Brusatt, co-author of the study and paleontologist of the University of Edinburgh in a press release. “This little dinosaur looks like a little bird nestled in its egg, further evidence that many of today’s bird characteristics have evolved for the first time in their dinosaur ancestors.” It is not the first dinosaur egg to be discovered, but it is definitely one of the best.

The position in which the creature has been found – which you will be able to better observe at the bottom of the news – is called the “reintroduction” behavior, which can be observed in modern birds. This final position before birth is formed before hatching; in this way the bird can break the egg shell using the beak.

“Previously, the tuck was considered unique for birds, but our results suggest that even the theropod dinosaurs as they could have had this behavior,” said Fion Waisum Ma, PhD student at the Paleobiology School.

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