The “Good” Side Of Social Media: Exploiting Them During Disasters

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Communicating during disasters is difficult, and it is even more difficult to seek information about it using an interactive environment such as social media, where disinformation can spread quickly creating even more alarmism than the situation needs.

Researchers at the University of Georgia have therefore developed a social tool to assist those in managing local emergencies in rapidly spreading crucial information to members of affected communities during a disaster.

The Institute for Disaster Management team at the UGA College of Public Health, led by Dr. Dionne Mitcham, has developed a communication system that local administrations could adopt to support and manage communications in case of

The proposed structure is a centralised project that distributes accredited notices through a single person responsible: the IOP, an individual responsible for communication with the public, the media and coordination with other agencies, if necessary, with official information on the current crisis.

The aim of the system is to help local emergency management agencies that do not have access to those resources that state organisations have long since, as risk communicators, social media managers and full-time PIO.

In the document, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Dr. Mitcham said: “We use the close relations of local emergency management agencies with stakeholders to help amplify the distribution of related messages.

The integration of social media into the communication plan of the local emergency management department allows emergency managers and IOPs to engage directly in a rapid sharing of information with the public, reaching them directly and quickly on mobile devices.

“By working with various community organisations, the hub structure helps local governments to understand and meet the real needs of the entire community in real time. These partnerships, before disaster, would ensure that all members of the community receive the most urgent information quickly and effectively.”

Social media is now a fundamental part of our lives, and they are always a topic of discussion, like Trump’s new social network that already has a thousand problems before even seeing the light, or like BeReal the new social where we are all more true.

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