The London Museum Uses A T-Rex As A Testimonial To Advertise Their Sweaters

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Christmas is coming. To celebrate the most beloved feast of adults and children, the Natural History Museum of London decided to decorate their animatronic of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with the right “Christmas spirit” in what way Creating a sweater tailored to one of the most iconic and famous dinosaurs of all.

In fact, the initiative is more serious than you might think. The idea of the sweater was born after a difficult year for the museum, whose number of visitors decreased dramatically during the pandemic. The original idea, in fact, provided for the creation of sweaters for humans to try to cushion the losses of this and last year.

These dinosaur-themed Christmas sweaters have been really sold (for us humans, not for dinosaurs) and with every purchase you will support the Natural History Museum of London. Surely a great gift to do to your friend or relative who loves dinosaurs… who will undoubtedly be happy to support science (by the way, you know that T.Rex were really gourmets?).

“It was a really, really challenging year for the heritage and tourist attractions and we really wanted to do something that generated interest,” said Carla Treasure at the BBC. “All the proceeds of the sale of these sweaters return to the support of the museum, not only for its pioneering research, but also for the care of its 80 meters”.

The sweaters are knitted, with 100% recycled yarn, made of after-consumption waste cotton and polyester from locally recycled plastic bottles. In short, besides saving the museum from bankruptcy, making a dinosaur lover happy… you will also respect the environment with this sweater.

Also, think that the staff took 100 hours to create this giant work, which weighs as much as 12 sweaters for humans.

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